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I took MITx 6.00x on edX in 2012 and we were taught basics of Python along-with programming in general. While revisiting the videos in the end, I thought of creating a quick guide for myself and everyone else.

January 12, 2013 - 4 minute read -
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This article is a compilation of all the posts in this blog that are written with a motive to revise all the video lectures and notes while preparing for the final exam of MITx 6.00x on edX in 2012. The course has moved on to newer version by now, nevertheless, these posts serve as a good starter kit to learn programming with Python.

Thought of creating an online journal to revise videos on the go, because when I was revisiting the video lectures from the beginning it took a lot of time. Sometimes I’ve to fast forward the easy portions, then normal pace at confusing situations & again fast forward to some other part of video. It was tough to keep going that way and hence this post, a compilation of all the posts from the course.

All the links below lead to a quick overview of respective topic and the decryption below the titles shows what parts are covered in the post.

List of python blogs for beginners in Python

Disclaimer: This is not a complete list of the topics covered in the course. It is advised to go through the newer version of course on

Note: This is a part of what I learned in an online Open Course Ware offered by MIT on edX. Its for my personal reference & also for those who would like to revisit the course.

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